An autothermal aerobic sequencing batch process for sludge digestion and “class A” biosolids production was developed. The process was tested in laboratory and pilot scale size up to 150 PE, which can be considered a full scale size in some cases. In this process the maximum temperatures of 61.2°C and 60.2°C were achieved in laboratory scale in pilot scale equipment, respectively. The degradation efficiency of total chemical oxygen demand of sludge was between 50 and 70%. Similar results were achieved using pure oxygen in laboratory scale and oxygen/air mixture 1:1 by volume. The reactor scale greatly affects the achievement of thermophilic temperature. In smaller sizes the convective heat losses are the prevailing heat sink and the process is unable to produce enough heat to reach thermophilic temperature. Larger systems produce excess heat and can be installed with less intense aeration systems. The limit of air aeration system is at the size of about 500 PE.