In this study the cellulose production by Gluconacetobacter sp. GM5 was evaluated with a static semi-continuous fermentation, as well as the cellulose production adding ethanol 1.4% in a static discontinuous fermentation process and discontinuous fermentation in a rotary shaker with agitation speed of 250 rpm. All these experiments were done with vinasse as experimental culture media (MV) and it was compared with a standard medium containing glucose (MS). A 15% of inoculum was added to all treatments, and incubated at 29°C. A sample of each one was extracted every 24 and 48 h in periods of 168, 192 and 362 h depending on the fermentation. During the cellulose production with media MV in semi-continuous process a synchronous phenomenon was observed, obtaining a rate of 0.878±0.033 g/l every 48 h. Adding ethanol 1.4% to the culture, with media MS the cellulose production was five times bigger and with media MV was duplicated.