Open access in publishing has gained huge importance over the last years. Today many funding agencies request that research results are published free of all restrictions to (online) access. Water Science and Technology, together with Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, has provided the option of a so called ‘gold open access’ already for several years: by paying a certain charge, papers are made available immediately to the public.

It is not only public access that makes this feature interesting, but also the (nearly) free use of the publication under the Creative Commons user licences. While authors have to get permission from IWA Publishing for reusing their own (normal) papers or parts thereof, this is no longer necessary for those papers the authors choose to publish as open access. This is especially interesting when time is running short for getting such permissions, e.g. in the final stage of preparing a PhD thesis.

In order to attract more researchers to use this service, IWA Publishing has decreased the Article Processing Charge substantially from 1 February 2016, to US$1,500/£1,050/€1,385.

As a result of this policy, Water Science and Technology hopes to further enable the number of papers published as open access. This is an important step in maintaining the specific niche of the journal in terms of publishing. The mission of Water Science and Technology, together with Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, is to serve as a bridge between science, engineering applications and management aspects of water. As a result, the aim of the editorial board is to maintain the journal as a publishing platform for papers with scientific innovation, whilst also focusing on technology development, as well as on practical applications. The success of this strategy is documented by the ever increasing number of submissions; the total for 2015 was 2,180 new submissions and a solid impact factor (1.106) which encourages us to follow that pathway further.

Editor in Chief

Wolfgang Rauch