The application of control strategies in wastewater treatment plants has increased to improve its performance of treating the influent. Fuzzy Logic controller plays a vital role in this work and the simulation work is being carried out in Benchmark simulation model no.1 (BSM1) framework. The attempted work proposes two control schemes with the objectives of improving the effluent quality and minimizing the number of measurements taken from the plant. The design of fuzzy control schemes is based on 5 inputs and 6 outputs in order to accomplish the objectives. Experimental results show improvement in the effluent quality and increase in the efficacy of the control system. The proposed design is implemented using MATLAB with the adaptation of 2014a.


  • Ammonia control;

  • Total nitrate control;

  • ANN;

  • Fuzzy Logic Controller;

  • Effluent quality;

  • Aeration energy;

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