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Water Science and Technology Special Issue on

Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery 



Water Science and Technology working in conjunction with the 2019 Innovation Conference on Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery; is presenting a special issue that will focus on the promotion of new theories and technologies of nutrient removal and resource recovery from wastewater.

It targets people and organizations active within research and consulting as well as institutions and utilities with the aim of providing an opportunity to review and assess innovation, research, engineering and management practices on nutrient removal and resource recovery, and inspire new generations of wastewater treatment process experts.

With a special focus on Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery and nutrient removal and resource recovery from wastewater focusing on the following topics:

  • Nitrogen removal and recovery from main and solids treatment line
  • Phosphorous removal and recovery
  • Nutrient removal and recovery (NRR) technologies for low C/N wastewater
  • Carbon management for nutrient removal and nutrient & energy recovery
  • Modelling, optimization and control of NRR and full plant flowsheets especially considering different C/N/P ratios and inerts
  • Energy saving and economic consideration of NRR processes
  • Regulatory optimization/improvement for upgrade of NRR processes
  • Nutrient polishing of secondary effluents and/or its interface with water reuse


Key dates:

Deadline for paper submission: 6 December 2019

Expected publication: May 2020


How to submit:

Please make sure that your paper follows the Instructions to Authors, before submitting your paper directly to Water Science and Technology’s peer review system: choosing the category: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Special Issue. This will send your paper to one of the Guest Editors.


Guest Editors:

Dr Giorgio Mannina, (Palermo University, Italy)

Dr Yongmei Li, (Tongji University, China)

Dr Lin Wang, (Tongji University, China)

Dr Jacek Makinia, (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)

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