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Water Science and Technology Special Issue on

Modelling and integrated assessment of Urban Water Systems






Water Science and Technology working in conjunction with the Watermatex 2019 conference is presenting a special issue that will focus on the promotion of the application of mathematical methods methods for modelling and simulation, data management, systems analysis and decision support within the entire water sector.


It targets people and organisations active within research and consulting as well as institutions and utilities with the aim of extending the use of models and computing tools to support the understanding, management and optimization of all water systems. New internet-based developments (i.e. digital water) like IoT, big data and machine learning can be highlighted, opening up new opportunities for enhanced modelling, but at the same time posing new threats in terms of cybersecurity.


A special focus of Watermatex will be on Digitalization of water, machine-learning, big-data, resource recovery, circular economy with a focus on the following areas:

• (Bio-)chemical process modelling
•  Separation processes modelling
•  Resource recovery
•  Drinking water systems
•  Sewer networks
•  Receiving water systems
•  Plant-wide and integrated assessment
•  Holistic evaluation (LCA, circular economy and socio-economic aspects)
•  Benchmarking
•  Decision support systems
•  Climate-water-energy-food nexus
•  Uncertainty, sensitivity and risk analysis
•  Automatic control
•  Sensors and monitoring
•  Computational fluid dynamics
•  Big data and machine learning
•  Digitalization of water

Key dates:

Deadline for paper submission: 20 September 2019

Expected publication: February 2020


How to submit:

Please make sure that your paper follows the Instructions to Authors, before submitting your paper directly to Water Science and Technology’s peer review system: choosing the category: Watermatex Special Issue. This will send your paper to one of the Guest Editors.



Guest Editors:

Dr Ramesh Saagi, (Lund University, Sweden)

Dr Elham Ramin, (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)

Dr Xueming Chen, (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)

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