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Water Science & Technology Special Issue on

Modelling and Integrated Assessment of Urban Water Systems



Water Science and Technology and the 11th IWA Symposium on Modelling and Integrated Assessment (Watermatex 2023) jointly present this Special Issue focused on mathematical- based methodologies, tools and techniques addressing various water-related challenges. This issue underscores the importance of modelling, simulation, data management, systems analysis, and decision support tools in broadening our understanding, management, and optimisation of intricate and diverse water systems.

Watermatex 2023 was a forum to exchange methodologies of water-related issues that heavily rely on different types of models and other mathematical-based techniques. The detailed description of the conference can be found here:

In line with the conference, the Special Issue wishes to regroup contributions with a methodological focus. For the discipline, we invite contributions on drinking water treatment and distribution, sewer systems and wastewater treatment, surface and groundwater, as well as industrial and natural water systems.

In the same manner as Watermatex 2023, this Special Issue especially calls for enhanced modelling work tackling the following new challenges: smart water systems, water reuse, resource recovery and the water-energy nexus.

We are pleased to invite you to submit a manuscript to Water Science & Technology for peer review and possible publication in a Special Issue entitled ‘Modelling and Integrated Assessment of Urban Water Systems’.

Relevant topics include:

The methodological focus is on:

  • Process modelling (biochemical and separation processes)
  • System-wide modelling of integrated assessment
  • Hydrological modelling and forecasting
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Holistic evaluation (LCA, circular economy and socio-economic aspects)
  • Decision support systems
  • Uncertainty, sensitivity, and risk analysis
  • (Hierarchical) control strategies
  • Advanced modelling frameworks
  • Hybrid modelling
  • Data quality pipelines
  • Smart sensors
  • Soft sensors

Application domains are:

  • Water treatment (wastewater, drinking water, process water)
  • Water and resource recovery
  • Decentralized water treatment
  • Drinking water networks and sewer networks
  • Natural water systems (rivers, lakes, …)
  • Water & energy nexus
  • Smart cities
  • Green infrastructures
  • Watersheds


Key dates:

Deadline for manuscript submission: January 31st, 2024

Expected publication: Articles will be published online as soon as possible after acceptance.


Guest Editors:

Mariane Y. Schneider, Ghent University, Belgium

Kimberly Solon, Ghent University, Belgium

Sovanna Tik, Université Laval, Québec, Canada


How to submit:

Please make sure that your paper follows the Instructions to Authors of the journal, before submitting your paper directly to Water Science & Technology’s peer review system. Then choose the article type – ‘Special Issue Article OA’ and the submission category – Special Issue: Watermatex 2023. This will send your paper to one of the Guest Editors.

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