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Water Science and Technology Special Issue on

Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment - Impacting the Environment with Innovation in Wastewater Treatment



High anthropic pressure is impairing water quality, thus limiting its potential uses and impacting on ecosystems. Acknowledging that resource efficiency and ecosystem protection are crucial goals to tackle has led to a deep rethinking in the way wastewater has been dealt with up to the 20th century. Innovation is the ground for the effective deployment of a new paradigm in wastewater treatment and management, aiming at energy and resource recovery in a biorefinery context.


New and multidisciplinary tools are needed to support this fundamental transition and to path the way toward a new water-economy, including: innovative technologies, integrated and risk-based approaches, and adequate regulatory and economic guidelines to promote technological uptake and societal acceptance.    


This Special Issue collects scientists’ experiences shared during the 5th International Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment, held in Milan, Italy in June 2021. Enabling technologies for resource recovery and energy efficiency are discussed as well as tools for the integrated techno-economic and environmental assessment for an holistic approach to wastewater treatment innovation.



  • Manuela Antonelli     
  • Andrea Turolla          
  • Elena Ficara
  • Juan Lema
  • Roberto Canziani
  • Francesca Malpei



Editorial: Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment – Impacting the environment with innovation in wastewater treatment

Manuela Antonelli, Andrea Turolla, Elena Ficara, Juan Lema, Roberto Canziani, Francesca Malpei

Water Science and Technology (2022) 86 (4): iii.




Phosphorus recovery from a pilot-scale grate furnace: influencing factors beyond wet chemical leaching conditions

G. Boniardi, A. Turolla, L. Fiameni, E. Gelmi, E. Bontempi, R. Canziani

Water Science and Technology (1 May 2022) 85 (9): 2525–2538.




Granulation strategies applied to industrial wastewater treatment: from lab to full-scale

M. Caluwé, K. Goossens, K. Seguel Suazo, E. Tsertou, J. Dries

Water Science and Technology (1 May 2022) 85 (9): 2761–2771.




Ammonium recovery from agro-industrial digestate using bioelectrochemical systems

A. Carucci, G. Erby, G. Puggioni, D. Spiga, F. Frugoni, S. Milia

Water Science and Technology (15 April 2022) 85 (8): 2432–2441.




An essential tool for WRRF modelling: a realistic and complete influent generator for flow rate and water quality based on data-driven methods

Feiyi Li, Peter A. Vanrolleghem

Water Science and Technology (1 May 2022) 85 (9): 2722–2736.




Going beyond conventional wastewater treatment plants within circular bioeconomy concept – a sustainability assessment study

Hadis Marami, Panagiotis Tsapekos, Benyamin Khoshnevisan, Jeanette Agertved Madsen, Jacob Kragh Andersen, Shahin Rafiee, Irini Angelidaki

Water Science and Technology (15 March 2022) 85 (6): 1878–1903.




Evaluating the potential impact of energy-efficient ammonia control on the carbon footprint of a full-scale wastewater treatment plant

Riccardo Boiocchi, Giorgio Bertanza

Water Science and Technology (1 March 2022) 85 (5): 1673–1687.




Life cycle assessment of paper mill wastewater: a case study in Viet Nam

Hiep Nghia Bui, Yi-Ching Chen, Anh Thi Pham, Si Ling Ng, Kun-Yi Andrew Lin, Ngan Quang Viet Nguyen, Ha Manh Bui

Water Science and Technology (1 March 2022) 85 (5): 1522–1537.




Analysis of the variation of costs for sewage sludge transport, recovery and disposal in Northern Italy: a recent survey (2015–2021)

M. Domini, A. Abbà, G. Bertanza

Water Science and Technology (15 February 2022) 85 (4): 1167–1175.




Comparing statistical process control charts for fault detection in wastewater treatment

H. L. Marais, V. Zaccaria, M. Odlare

Water Science and Technology (15 February 2022) 85 (4): 1250–1262.




Recovery profile of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) bacteria inhibited by ZnO nanoparticles

Safiye Can, Tugba Sari, Deniz Akgul

Water Science and Technology (1 January 2022) 85 (1): 342–353.




Removal of microplastics from wastewater: available techniques and way forward

Surya Singh, Madhanraj Kalyanasundaram, Vishal Diwan

Water Science and Technology (15 December 2021) 84 (12): 3689–3704.



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