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Water Science and Technology Special Issue on

“Water in Industry”




Water of different qualities is used in a wide range of industrial processes. After usage, various substances will enter the water streams, generating the industrial wastewater whose characteristics may include recalcitrant organics, high salinity, heavy metals, extreme pH, high turbidity, etc. Nowadays, water in industry tends to form a recycling loop, as boosted by the regional water scarcity, strict policies on emission control, and arising public concerns as well. The trend would increase the challenge of technical solutions and management tools. Hence, the IWA conference “Water in Industry 2021” has been initiated, taking place in Nanjing, China, on August 23-25 2021, to provide a knowledge sharing platform on new advances related to the water cycle in industry.


All manuscripts related to the topics listed below, not limited to those accepted by the conference, can be submitted to this special issue.


The following topics on industrial waters are welcome:

  • ŸZero liquid discharge
  • ŸResource recovery
  • ŸRemoval of recalcitrants and metals
  • ŸPre-membrane treatment
  • ŸCooling water
  • ŸSmart management
  • ŸWater policies
  • ŸWater energy nexus
  • ŸBest practice examples


Key dates:

Conference time: August 23-25, 2021

Deadline for manuscript submission: January 31, 2022

Expected publication: Mid-2022


Information for submission:

Please make sure that your paper follows the Instructions to Authors, before submitting your paper directly to Water Science and Technology’s peer review system:

Please select the article type ‘Special Issue Article OA’ and the category ‘Special Issue: Water in Industry’. This will send your paper to one of the Guest Editors.



Prof. Yongjun Zhang, Nanjing Tech University, China

Prof. Sven Uwe Geissen, Technical University Berlin, Germany

Dr. Thomas Track, DECHEMA e. V., Germany


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