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Water Science and Technology Special Issue on:

Water in Industry


Water of different qualities is used in a wide range of industrial processes. After usage, various substances will enter the water streams, generating the industrial wastewater whose characteristics may include recalcitrant organics, high salinity, heavy metals, extreme pH, high turbidity, etc. Nowadays, water in industry tends to form a recycling loop, as boosted by the regional water scarcity, strict policies on emission control, and arising public concerns as well. The trend would increase the challenge of technical solutions and management tools.

The IWA conference ‘Water in Industry 2021’ was initiated to call the attention of researchers to crack the challenges of industrial water management and to promote knowledge sharing between researchers and practitioners. The conference took place on August 23–25, 2021 and over 130 professionals attended online. This Special Issue includes papers from the conference and elsewhere and it covers topics such as membrane separation, adsorption, advanced oxidation, and applications.


Guest Editors:

Prof. Yongjun Zhang, Nanjing Tech University, China

Prof. Sven Uwe Geissen, Technical University Berlin, Germany

Dr. Thomas Track, DECHEMA e. V., Germany




Editorial: ‘Water in Industry’ requires advanced materials and technologies to sustain the quality development

Yongjun Zhang, Sven Uwe Geissen, Thomas Track

Water Science & Technology (1 March 2023) 87 (5): 3–iv.




Biological treatment of real textile wastewater containing sulphate, salinity, and surfactant through an anaerobic–aerobic system

Sofia Araújo, Márcia Damianovic, Eugenio Foresti, Lourdinha Florencio, Mario Takayuki Kato, Sávia Gavazza

Water Science & Technology (15 May 2022) 85 (10): 2882–2898.




Evaluation of corrosion and scaling potentials of oilfield waters in an offshore producing facility, Niger Delta

T. A. Bolaji, E. G. Olumayede, A. M. Ojo

Water Science & Technology (15 June 2022) 85 (12): 3493–3509.




Adsorption of heavy metals by Lycium barbarum branch-based adsorbents: raw, fungal modification, and biochar

Jian Guan, Changwei Hu, Jun Zhou, Qingguo Huang, Jiayang Liu

Water Science & Technology (1 April 2022) 85 (7): 2145–2160.




Regeneration of As(V) loaded granular activated carbon through desorption in FeCl3, CaCl2 and MgCl2 aqueous solutions

Niels Michiel Moed, Young Ku

Water Science & Technology (1 September 2022) 86 (5): 1253–1268.




An improved primary wastewater treatment system for a slaughterhouse industry: a full-scale experience

Akshay D. Shende, Swati Dhenkula, Neti Nageswara Rao, Girish R. Pophali

Water Science & Technology (1 March 2022) 85 (5): 1688–1700.




Fabricating novel PVDF-g-IBMA copolymer hydrophilic ultrafiltration membrane for treating papermaking wastewater with good antifouling property

Yujia Tong, Wenlong Ding, Lijian Shi, Weixing Li

Water Science & Technology (1 November 2021) 84 (9): 2541–2556.




An ultrasound/O3 and UV/O3 process for atrazine manufacturing wastewater treatment: a multiple scale experimental study

Diya Wen, Bing Chen, Bo Liu

Water Science & Technology (1 January 2022) 85 (1): 229–243.




Enhancement of E-Peroxone process with waste-tire carbon composite cathode for tinidazole degradation

Anlin Xu, Wanqun Liu, Leping Chu, Yunhai Zhang, Yide He, Yongjun Zhang

Water Science & Technology (15 June 2022) 85 (12): 3357–3369.




Fenton oxidation as pretreatment for biomass gasification condensate: cost and biomass inhibition evaluation

Qiqi Zhang, Jonas Pluschke, Sven-Uwe Geißen

Water Science & Technology (1 April 2022) 85 (7): 2225–2239.



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