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Water Science & Technology Special Issue on

Recent Advances in Pond and Algal Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery


In a global scenario of increasing energy prices and quest for sustainable human activities, wastewater treatment in the 21st century must undergo a dramatic revision of its current practices. These must aim at developing a new generation of energy-efficient and resource-recovery processes, whilst complying with the ever-stricter environmental regulations.

Wastewater treatment using photosynthetic microorganisms can benefit from the knowledge coming from the use of algae to produce biofuels, food supplements or green pharmaceuticals and of microbial physiology of purple photosynthetic bacteria. Likewise, wastewater as a cheap source of nutrients and inorganic carbon is promising for the mass production of algae-based commodities.

This Special Issue brings the latest discoveries on the following topics:

  • The potential of microalgae to grow in high strength and domestic wastewaters to remove emerging pollutants and pathogens
  • Efficiency of novel photobioreactor configurations
  • Mechanisms and recent advances of microalgae harvesting
  • Molecular analysis of microbial populations in continuous photobioreactors treating wastewater
  • The potential of computational fluid-dynamics for the design of microalgae-based wastewater treatment
  • Novel algal biomass valorization strategies


Guest Editors:

Raúl Muñoz Torre (University of Valladolid, Spain)

Miller A. Camargo-Valero (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)

Raquel Lebrero Fernández (University of Valladolid, Spain)

Esther Arnaiz Rodrigo (University of Valladolid, Spain)

Ignacio de Godos Crespo (University of Valladolid, Spain)


Editorial: Recent advances in pond and algal technologies for wastewater treatment and resource recovery

Esther Arnaiz, Raquel Lebrero, Ignacio de Godos, Miller A. Camargo-Valero, Raúl Muñoz

Water Science & Technology (2020) 82 (6): iii.




Sequential pretreatment to recover carbohydrates and phosphorus from Desmodesmus sp. cultivated in municipal wastewater

R. M. González-Balderas, S. B. Velásquez-Orta, I. Valdez-Vazquez, M. T. Orta Ledesma

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1237–1246.




Changes of viral and prokaryote abundances in a high rate algal pond using flow cytometry detection

Ashleigh R. Hisee, Matthew Hisee, Jody C. McKerral, Stephanie R. Rosenbauer, James S. Paterson, James G. Mitchell, Howard J. Fallowfield

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1062–1069.




High-rate algal pond for removal of pharmaceutical compounds from urban domestic wastewater under tropical conditions. Case study: Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Eliana M. Jiménez-Bambague, Carlos A. Madera-Parra, Aura C. Ortiz-Escobar, Paola A. Morales-Acosta, Enrique J. Peña-Salamanca, Fiderman Machuca-Martínez

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1031–1043.




Wastewater nutrient recovery using twin-layer microalgae technology for biofertilizer production

Inmaculada González, Alice Ekelhof, Natalia Herrero, José Ángel Siles, Björn Podola, Arturo F. Chica, M. Ángeles Martín, Michael Melkonian, Carlos García Izquierdo, José María Gómez

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1044–1061.




Bioproducts characterization of residual periphytic biomass produced in an algal turf scrubber (ATS) bioremediation system

Maiara P. de Souza, Tiele M. Rizzetti, Michele Hoeltz, Mainara Dahmer, João A. Júnior, Gisele Alves, Lisianne B. Benitez, Rosana C. S. Schneider

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1247–1259.




Agricultural biowaste, rice bran, as carbon source to enhance biomass and lipid production: analysis with various growth rate models

H. J. Choi

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1120–1130.





Nitrous oxide emissions during microalgae-based wastewater treatment: current state of the art and implication for greenhouse gases budgeting

Maxence Plouviez, Benoit Guieysse

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1025–1030.




Surfactant removal and biomass production in a microalgal-bacterial process: effect of feeding regime

Mayara L. Serejo, Sarah L. Farias, Graziele Ruas, Paula L. Paulo, Marc A. Boncz

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1176–1183.




Diurnal and nocturnal pH control in microalgae raceway reactors by combining classical and event-based control approaches

E. Rodríguez-Miranda, J. L. Guzmán, M. Berenguel, F. G. Acién, A. Visioli

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1155–1165.




The effect of CO2 addition and hydraulic retention time on pathogens removal in HRAPs

Graziele Ruas, Sarah Lacerda Farias, Priscila G. Scarcelli, Mayara L. Serejo, Marc A. Boncz

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1184–1192.




The effect of plant extracts on growth and photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics of Microcystis flos-aquae

Yuxin Shi, Anglu Shen, Meng Tan, Peimin He, Liu Shao

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1102–1110.




Escherichia coli removal during domestic wastewater treatment in outdoor high rate algae ponds: long-term performance and mechanistic implications

Paul Chambonniere, John Bronlund, Benoit Guieysse

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1166–1175.




Allelopathic effect of rhubarb extracts on the growth of Microcystis aeruginosa

Jingguo Cao, Zezhang Dong, Hongyan Zhao, Shuhui Duan, Xiaole Cao, Honglei Liu, Zongzheng Yang

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1092–1101.




Anaerobic digestion effluent treatment using microalgae and nitrifiers in an outdoor raceway pond with fluidized carriers

Shinichi Akizuki, Germán Cuevas-Rodríguez, Tatsuki Toda

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1081–1091.




Biochemical parameters and 18S rRNA gene sequence analysis amongst green microalgal strains from selected aquatic sites of Eastern India

Rashi Vishwakarma, Dolly Wattal Dhar, Mrutyunjay Jena, Madhulika Shukla

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1205–1216.




Chlorella vulgaris growth in different biodigested vinasse concentrations: biomass, pigments and final composition

Elias Trevisan, Rodrigo Felipe Bedim Godoy, Fernando Aparecido Dias Radomski, Enzo Luigi Crisigiovanni, Kemely Bruna Zandonadi Ferriani Branco, Pedro Augusto Arroyo

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1111–1119.




Towards a better understanding of microalgae natural flocculation mechanisms to enhance flotation harvesting efficiency

Irem Demir, Alexandre Besson, Pascal Guiraud, Cécile Formosa-Dague

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1009–1024.




Potential for bifenthrin removal using microalgae from a natural source

Leticia Weis, Rosana de Cassia de Souza Schneider, Michele Hoeltz, Alexandre Rieger, Schirley Tostes, Eduardo A. Lobo

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1131–1141.




Microalgae cultivation using undiluted anaerobic digestate by introducing aerobic nitrification–desulfurization treatment

Mutsumi Sekine, Akari Yoshida, Shinichi Akizuki, Masatoshi Kishi, Tatsuki Toda

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1070–1080.




Evaluating the harvesting efficiency of inorganic coagulants on native microalgal consortium enriched with human urine

B. Behera, K. Nageshwari, M. Darshini, P. Balasubramanian

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1217–1226.




Optimization of microalgae harvesting by sedimentation induced by high pH

Luan de Souza Leite, Luiz Antonio Daniel

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1227–1236.




CFD model to characterize the physical processes of energy transfer in a secondary facultative lagoon

Andres Zapata, Miguel Peña

Water Science & Technology (15 September 2020) 82 (6): 1193–1204.



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