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Water Science & Technology Special Issue on:


Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery 


In recent years, the wastewater treatment sector has been shifting from linear to circular economy fostering the development of innovative approaches for recovering resources from wastewater. There is a growing awareness that the recovery and utilization of those resources are essential for the establishment of a sustainable society.

This Special Issue was created in conjunction with the 2019 Innovation Conference on Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery. The Special Issue focuses on the promotion of new theories and technologies of nutrient removal and resource recovery from wastewater.


Topics included:

  • Nitrogen removal and recovery from main and solids treatment line
  • Phosphorous removal and recovery
  • Nutrient removal and recovery (NRR) technologies for low C/N wastewater
  • Carbon management for nutrient removal and nutrient & energy recovery
  • Modelling, optimization and control of NRR and full plant flowsheets especially considering different C/N/P ratios and inerts
  • Energy saving and economic consideration of NRR processes
  • Regulatory optimization/improvement for upgrade of NRR processes
  • Nutrient polishing of secondary effluents and/or its interface with water reuse


Guest Editors:

Dr Giorgio Mannina, (Palermo University, Italy)

Dr Yongmei Li, (Tongji University, China)

Dr Lin Wang, (Tongji University, China)

Dr Jacek Makinia, (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)


Editorial: Sustainable wastewater treatment and resource recovery

Giorgio Mannina, Yongmei Li, Lin Wang, Jacek Makinia

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): iii.




Utilization of rural domestic sewage tailwaters by Ipomoea aquatica in different hydroponic vegetable and constructed wetland systems

Liying Gong, Guiding Chen, Jialin Li, Guangcan Zhu

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 386–400.




Achieving enhanced biological nitrogen removal via 2450 MHz electromagnetic wave loading on returned sludge in anaerobic-anoxic-oxic process

Wenjiao Sang, Dong Li, Qian Zhang, Longjie Mei, Shiwen Hao, Yijie Feng, Xi Jin, Cuihua Li, Yangyang Feng, Rajendra Prasad Singh

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 373–385.




Formation and characteristics of filamentous granular sludge

Wenjing Cheng, Liguo Zhang, Wenjie Xu, Yichen Sun, Junfeng Wan, Haisong Li, Yan Wang

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 364–372.




Recent progress in beetle-inspired superhydrophilic-superhydrophobic micropatterned water-collection materials

Zhen Chen, Zengzhi Zhang

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 207–226.




Removal of N, P from seepage and runoff by different vegetated and slope buffer strips

Jian Q. Wu, Li J. Xiong, Chen Y. Sha

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 351–363.




Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment plants

Giorgio Mannina, Alida Cosenza, Taise Ferreira Rebouças

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 339–350.




Bioelectrochemically-assisted nitrogen removal in osmotic membrane bioreactor

You Wu, Yun Cai, Yu-Xiang Lu, Li-Min Zhang, Xiao-Li Yang, Hai-Liang Song, Yu-Li Yang

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 330–338.




Reuse of manganese sulfate as raw material by recovery from pesticide's wastewater using nanofiltration and electro-electrodialysis: process simulation and analysis from actual data

Ricardo Mejía Marchena, Aymer Maturana Córdoba, Diego Gomez Cerón, Christian Quintero Monroy, Luis Arismendy Montes, Carlos Cardenas Perez

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 315–329.




Full-scale semi-centralized wastewater treatment facilities for resource recovery: operation, problems and resolutions

Xianchun Tang, Yexuan Wen, Yi He, Haixin Jiang, Xiaohu Dai, Xuejun Bi, Martin Wagner, Hongbin Chen

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 303–314.




Effect of treated sewage characteristics on duckweed biomass production and microbial communities

Hiroshi Iwano, Syo Hatohara, Tadashi Tagawa, Hideyuki Tamaki, Yu-You Li, Kengo Kubota

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 292–302.




Improvement of organic matter and nutrient removal from domestic wastewater by using intermittent hydraulic rates on earthworm–microorganism biofilters

C. Chicaiza, L. Huaraca, C. E. Almeida-Naranjo, V. H. Guerrero, C. A. Villamar

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 281–291.




Evaluating nitrite oxidizing organism survival under different nitrite concentrations

Bing Liu, Yifan Li, Jinzhu Wu, Yuanyuan Shao, Feiyong Chen, Jer-Horng Wu, Rajeev Goel, Mitsuharu Terashima, Hidenari Yasui

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 273–280.




Degradation of acid orange 7 (AO7) by a bacterium strain Flavobacterium mizutaii L-15

Liu Xiuyan, Zhang Ji, Mao Hancheng, Kong Fanyi, Teng Cong, Huang Jingang, Yu Chuyan, Xu Xiangyang, Teng Sheng

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 266–272.




Preparation of sludge-based hydrochar at different temperatures and adsorption of BPA

Liyuan Chen, Dapeng Li, Yong Huang, Wenjuan Zhu, Yuqin Ding, Chaoran Guo

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 255–265.




Adsorption characteristics and mechanism of norfloxacin in water by γ-Fe2O3@BC

Jinpeng Wang, Ming Zhang, Runjuan Zhou, Jiyuan Li, Wei Zhao, Jinghong Zhou

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 242–254.




Environmental and cost benefits of co-digesting food waste at wastewater treatment facilities

Ben Morelli, Sarah Cashman, Xin (Cissy) Ma, Jason Turgeon, Sam Arden, Jay Garland

Water Science & Technology (15 July 2020) 82 (2): 227–241.



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