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Water Science & Technology Special Issue on:

Environmental Technologies for the Sustainable Development of the Water and Energy Sectors


This Special Issue was created in collaboration with the 2nd Water and Energy Nexus conference. It brings together papers from multiple disciplines with a focus on state-of-the-art novel technologies in the field of environmental applications.

In the next few decades, global water and energy demand will increase significantly. As water scarcity rises, the global demand for pure water increases. In order to face these challenges, sustainable innovative technologies are needed to ensure global resilient water supply and reduced pollution in line with the concept of a Circular Economy.

Examples of these emerging and innovative environmental technologies include wastewater treatment processes, greenhouse gas emission and control, energy production and storage, and recovery of valuable resources from wastes.


Guest Editors:

Shadi Wajih Hasan (Khalifa University of Science and Technology, UAE)

Haizhou Liu (University of California Riversides, USA)

Vincenzo Naddeo (University of Salerno, Italy)

Sebastià Puig (University of Girona, Spain)

Ngai Yin Yip (Columbia University, USA)


Editorial: Environmental technologies for the sustainable development of the water and energy sectors

Shadi Wajih Hasan, Haizhou Liu, Vincenzo Naddeo, Sebastià Puig, Ngai Yin Yip

Water Science & Technology (2020) 81 (7): iii–iv.




Analysis of anaerobic digester mixing: comparison of long shafted paddle mixing vs gas mixing

U. Bergamo, G. Viccione, S. Coppola, A. Landi, A. Meda, C. Gualtieri

Water Science & Technology (1 April 2020) 81 (7): 1406–1419.




Impact of rainfall properties on the performance of hydrological models for green roofs simulation

Mirka Mobilia, Antonia Longobardi

Water Science & Technology (1 April 2020) 81 (7): 1375–1387.




Design of an integration platform between the water-energy nexus and a business model applied for sustainable development

Heba Ahmed Mosalam, Mohamed El-Barad

Water Science & Technology (1 April 2020) 81 (7): 1398–1405.




Effect of substrate type and concentration on the performance of a double chamber microbial fuel cell

Zia Ullah, Sheikh Zeshan

Water Science & Technology (1 April 2020) 81 (7): 1336–1344.




Short-term flexibility for energy grids provided by wastewater treatment plants with anaerobic sludge digestion

M. Schäfer

Water Science & Technology (1 April 2020) 81 (7): 1388–1397.




A resilience assessment framework for critical infrastructure networks' interdependencies

Maryam Imani, Donya Hajializadeh

Water Science & Technology (1 April 2020) 81 (7): 1420–1431.




Cost-effective removal of COD in the pre-treatment of wastewater from the paper industry

Joanna Boguniewicz-Zablocka, Iwona Klosok-Bazan, Vincenzo Naddeo, Clara A. Mozejko

Water Science & Technology (1 April 2020) 81 (7): 1345–1353.



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